Accelerate Your Growth

Maximizing potential, performance, and productivity.
Avoid the costs and complexity of establishing your own facility – grow into the G-Tech business space as your business grows.

Empowering Startups

G-Tech can help you take the first daunting steps and access practical support and even training with minimal financial commitment

Empowering Niche Growth Business

Our technical background and experience is available for a wide range of support

Cultivate Community

Working with others breeds creativity and opens opportunity. The G-Tech network has much to offer new business

Empowering Small Business

Having the G-Tech Innovation Center as your facility proves commitment to your customers

Our Mission

To create an innovative coworking industrial space, helping businesses grow quickly and reducing their financial risk.

32,500 sq.ft. of industrial, training and office space on 7-acres immediately off Interstate 10 just a few minutes from Katy and Houston’s Energy Corridor.

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