Facilities and Services


The G-Tech Innovation Center is a 32,500 sq. ft. building located on 7 acres, 10 miles west of Houston’s Energy Corridor along Interstate 10 in Brookshire at the Koomey Road exit.  The building was originally constructed by the iconic oilfield Blowout Preventer controls company Koomey Inc. and latterly owned by another well-known oilfield company, West Engineering.

Facilities and support services include but are not limited to:



  • heavy duty workshop
  • light workshop
  • range of overhead cranes
  • workshop utilities
  • external work areas
  • equipment storage and showcase
  • forklifts up to 18t
  • open plan office space
  • individual offices
  • conference and training rooms
  • meeting rooms
  • catering kitchen


  • health, safety & environmental compliance support
  • engineering and manufacturing support
  • reception and administration services
  • telephone answering and forwarding
  • internet and IT support
  • professional business services support
  • business mentoring and partnering support
  • security and video surveillance

G-Tech saves money

We offer peace of mind and allow you to focus on business instead of managing your facility. Your valuable time is money – leave us to take care of your accommodation

In order to simplify the process for our customers, occupancy is based on inclusive service agreements for as little as three months instead of conventional leases.  With us providing facilities management, infrastructure, utilities, general regulatory compliance, mentoring and a range of business services support, our customers can focus on their business with minimal overhead commitment and commercial risk.

We are like a “hotel for business and industry” – move in quickly, get down to business immediately and stay for as little or as long as you need while you take the time to plan and make the best decisions for the future.